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Melina Rai - Harpe Ma Ghiu

Who is Sujan Tigela Limbu?

Sujan Tigela Limbu is an artist – a modern singer. He has teamed up with singer Melina Rai and has just released a most melodious song with title ‘Harpe Ma Ghiu’. The video of the song is uploaded to singer’s own Youtube channel. Lyrics and music composition both are also from artist Sujan Tigela Limbu.

The song is about common rural life of Eastern Nepal and happy romantic life between two adults. Lyrics is well composed combining typical Nepali flavour where music (bhakha) meets to its highest.

More interestingly or we would refer as cleverly, most demanding actress of the present date Priyanka Karki and her fiancee (husband :)) Ayushman Joshi are acting in the video so nicely. Yugal Pombo Limbu’s direction is commendable. Popular video editor Nishan Ghimire and Bikash Bahal have done their part of job to their best.

We hope and wish to see the success of ‘HARPE MA GHHIU’ by rising singer Sujan Tigela Limbu and his team along with today’s hot singer Melina Rai.

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