Dakyo Dakyo

Akesha Bista with boyfriend

Watch beautiful model Akesha Bista and Sauram Raj Tuladhar walking, dancing and romancing in New York park and high street. Music video of song ‘Dakyo Dakyo’ is published and viewed almost a 100K times on Youtube. Songs Nepal has uploaded the video that was shot in USA. On Dilip K Shrees’s vocal, music and lyrics Bicky Pulami directed the video while Nishan Ghimire editing.

The video is a presentation of MAKAI HOUSE while Songs Nepal has promoted and published. Song creator Dilip K Shress specially thanks to Sonam Pakhrin, Dev Chhetri, Roshan Gurung and Chitra Bahadur Pulami for their support making video.

Bit of AD as a helping hand :
Do you know Songs Nepal offers to make music video only for Nepalese Rupees 45,000. If you are interested or planning to make one contact them @ (977)01-4243229.

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