Astrologer Manish Sapkota Reads The Astrology of Hridayendra Shah

Some of you might not know who is Hridayendra Shah though the name naturally sounds like a former Royal family of Nepal. Yes, your assumption is absolutely right – Hridayendra Shah is son of former Crown Prince Paras Shah and Princess Himani Shah. He was born on 30 July 2002.

Until the abolition of the Nepali monarchy Hridayendra Shah was known in Nepal by the title young Crown Prince. In July 2008, Prince Hridayendra left Nepal with his mother Himani Shah and sisters to move to Singapore to join his father Parash Shah who had been making arrangements for the family to live there.

Today, Nepali young astrologer Manish Sapkota reads the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies of former Prince Crown Hridayendra Shah. Astrologer Manish recently predicted about Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwada’s participation and consequences in Miss World 2018 competition in China. Most of his reading came true to a extent.

What and how do you feel after learning this reading of Manish Sapkota? We are interested to hear back your feedback and comment.

#Credit: Kendrabindu TV & Manish Sapkota

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