10 People of The Year 2075 in Nepal

We have already entered to new year 2076 with new resolutions and excitements. Before we make any list of what to do in new year it is appropriate to analyse our last year. Keeping this in center Kendrabindu TV has compiled a list of 10 most well liked people of the year. Along with individual success the report also has taken in account of their contribution toward the society, nation, public opinions and feedback as well.

Presenting the name of the 10 most popular people of the year in descending order:

10. Bishnu Majhi – Most popular Nepali folk singer

9. Binod Chaudhari – Businessman and only one billionaire from Nepal

8. Prem Kumar Sanjel – Bureaucrat fighting against corruption in Nepal

7. Karishma Manandhar – Nepali Actress sitting in exam for SCSE

6. Kulman Ghising – CEO of Nepal Electrical Authority who put an end permanently on chronic load-shedding of Nepal

5. Abhash Maskey and Hari Ram Shrestha – Electrical engineers duo who helped to build first Nepali satellite

4. Mahesh Maharjan – is a bodybuilder who became world champion on 75KG group in Thailand

3. Shrinkhala Khatiwada – Miss Nepal 2018 won two title awards in Miss World 2018

2. KP Sharma Oli – Prime Minister of Nepal became one of the most powerful leader of Nepal with 75.63% parliamentary support

1. Sandip Lamichhane – 18 years old cricket spinner became center of talk among all Nepali in year 2075 who broke and set many records in cricket in Nepal.

#Video credit: Kendrabindu TV

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